11 August 2008

The least lamentable jellyfish

So the Metro Zoo has updated/renovated in the Australasia pavilion, and put in a big Great Barrier Reef fish tank (many fish, much coral) and some satellite tanks, which include a satellite tank full of jellyfish.
I need to go back there with a tripod, at a time the room isn't full, and see if I can do a better job of taking a picture of something self-illuminating in dark water behind glass in a dark room. It really ought not to be that hard, but the place was packed, and jellyfish move remarkably quickly, at least in terms of what will induce blur.


Anonymous said...

Shiny. Please go back. I will look at as many photos of jellyfish as you care to post.

Graydon said...

It won't be soon -- I need a day when it won't be packed -- but I expect I will go back on sheer 'ought to be able to do better than that' grounds.