17 July 2008

Tree flowers

The whole thing in context; at my eye level and less than 50mm long, if my memory is at all to be trusted.

Just the flower, in a PNG probably forcibly downscaled by the combination of Blogger and Firefox 3:
The tree is growing up from one edge of the bridge between parts of the Americas pavilion at the Metro Zoo; kitty-corner from the Great Horned Owl enclosure.
And, of course, absolutely no idea what it is whatsoever!


orc said...

It looks like a lilac to me. And, damn, that's a sharp picture you took there.

Graydon said...

Lilac would -- I thought -- come rather larger? Though it does have a bit of the cone of flowers thing going on.

The sharpness was dumb luck; I caught the pause in the breeze. The other attempts are all variously blurry as the thing swayed back and forth through the plane of focus.

Anonymous said...

Probably a Japanese lilac. They're in bloom in Toronto, or at least were a couple weeks ago.

This site gives a little history on them:

Graydon said...

Thank you!
From the site, the blooms would be larger on a Japanese lilac, but some sort of lilac does seem quite probable.