06 July 2008

Purple and Sunshine

Miscellaneous purple flowers, in one of the Metro Zoo's numerous walk-edging planters.
And the middle of the middle flower.
Taken with the Pentax SMC FA-100mm/F2.8 macro lens, hand held. Shake reduction is a wonderful, wonderful thing.


orc said...

I think that it's more the FA-100 than the shake reduction with a 1/400th second shutter. In any case the middle of the flower macro is niiiiiice.

Graydon said...

Thank you!

(Hey, cool; I hadn't realized the GIMP was passing that much exif data through to the JPEGs.)

I think -- and will admit I haven't done anything really quantified to test the belief -- that the shake reduction still helps a bit at 1/400.

If only by leaving me free to not fuss about "is this fast enough?" :)

And yes, I really like the FA-100, large helping of the brick-nature and all.