03 July 2008

Do you figure that's duckweed?

Four of momma duck's six ducklings at the Canadian Domain pond at the Metro Zoo. They were doing a comprehensively disorganized drift-and-sprint routine, interspersed with minor elements of following momma in line ahead and latching on to especially tasty things. By no means sure if they were eating the plant or bugs on the plant.
They were much cuter to watch than a single photo can possibly convey, but one hopes that a bit of sense of the thing comes through.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if your subject line is to be interpreted as a straightforward question, so I'm interpreting it as a straightforward question so I can play know-it-all. It's not duckweed: duckweed would be a multitude of tiny, generally lilypad-like but sometimes pill-shaped green jobs floating on the surface like novelty St. Patrick's Day breakfast cereal. If it were duckweed, they would very likely be eating it; I don't know what this plant is, so I can't say. Duckweed or not, this is adorable.

Graydon said...

Well, I would certainly not recognize duckweed if it bit me (indeed, would regard biting me as prima-facie evidence that it was not duckweed, nor indeed any other plant) so appreciate the description.

It's more adorable at the full size, but whatever has got into blogger's head about photos seems to go by maximum dimensions, too, not just file size, gods rot it.

Glad it works at the available size, all the same. :)

Anonymous said...