01 July 2008

600 pictures

Went to the zoo today and took 600 pictures.
Not, I hasten to add, as a deliberate plan; that just seems to be what happened.
A surprising fraction of them do not abjectly suck; there may be something to be said for this bright sunlight thing.
These, though, are the first time I've ever succeeded at getting a decent picture of a dragonfly.

I may have to revise my notion of the Sigma 70-300 APO's sharpness, at least when stopped down. (Both taken at 1/200s, F8.5, ISO 200.) And the tripod doubtless helped.


Anonymous said...


*wry grin* about the 600 pictures. oh yeah. digital cameras rock.

Graydon said...

Have not quite hit 6000 pictures since March; the counter was at 200-something when I got the camera, and I'm at 6102.

I hate to imagine paying for the film to do that!