18 June 2008

A little less glare

Though perhaps not less doubt.

It's getting so I don't dare go in a camera store, because if I do, I'll buy a better long lens, which is not in the present budget whatsoever.

This is the one decently sharp over the whole bird shot, and it's quite forced for brightness, because the lens is F5.6 at 300mm and that's just not a lot when shooting from inside a house to a shaded finch feeder on a cloudy day.

Still, one can tell what it is, and perhaps even age the feathers.


Anonymous said...

oh, what a great pose!

Graydon said...

Thank you!

About a tenth of a second later, she let go and flew away.

I do not normally think of vertical takeoff in birds involving an initial direction of down, but experience of finches is starting to change this!