24 June 2008

Does reds OK

I have (of course) no idea what it is, but one of my neighbours has it in a window box.
It's the full frame and not scaled, under there, better looking than the thumbnail is managing to imply. (Turns out, if you've been watching this post spasm, that Picasa itself will take the full size upload, though doing it directly in the web editor thing doesn't seem to be willing so to do.)

Leaving the 'ack! size limit! 100% center crop in, just because.


Anonymous said...

That appears to be a gerber daisy. (I have no idea whether it is correctly 'gerber daisy' or 'Gerber daisy'.) The things in the background are pansies, as I suspect you know.

Graydon said...

Depends on whether it's a compound noun or an adjectival construction from a proper name.

No idea which it might be, either, but thank you for the identification.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome.

I assumed they were named after some person named Gerber, but before I wrote that comment I googled the phrase (actually to be sure it wasn't 'Garber'), and most of the top hits have it as either 'gerber daisy' or the uninformative 'Gerber Daisy'. Looking more closely, I see they are in fact named after one Traugott Gerber, evidently a friend of Linnaeus.