29 June 2008

And bore the white rose fairly

More front yard garden on Baldwin Street, though not the same one. Stopped down some from the raw file; one white thing in the middle of deep green tends to set the exposure so the white thing is overly bright, and I didn't attempt to correct this at the time the picture was taken. (I have yet to mentally adjust to "sunglasses—you are wearing polarized sunglasses; the camera is not..." but hopefully the adjustment process has at least started.)
Though to be fair to myself, was a bright sunny evening, and the rose sitting there glowing to itself is not very far off how it looked to the eye, at all.
Stopped down even more, 100% crop, and a modestly hefty 1.5 MiB PNG. Hopefully this means I've figured out some notion of the edges of Blogger's photo uploads, and will be able to provide such detail as I've got in future.
I would not have though that the 77mm/F1.8 lens was particularly suited to flowers; it's emphatically not a macro lens and it's got a certain amount of centre bias. But, well. Flowers over someone's front yard fence seem to be an appropriate application.

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