15 June 2008

Almost a good picture

But not quite; not even white undertail coverts to blame it on. Still, the majority of the bird is not overexposed, and this was taken more or less when the sun clears the roof of the building to the east.
But, hey, female goldfinch picture recognizable as such. This is progress.


Anonymous said...

it's lovely.

when in doubt i tend to underexpose pictures because that can be fixed in an image editing program, while there's nothing at all to do about overexposures.

Graydon said...

Thank you!

I normally go with the camera meter, since it's smarter than I am. It tends to underexpose about a half stop, so I suspect it of taking your excellent advice.

It put the majority of the histogram way over to the left, too. :)

I think this one was just 'sunlight is very bright, the tree shade is very dim, one end of the bird is much brighter than the other'. (Bird not real big on holding still, except when eating, and they eat on the back of the finch feeder, just for drill.)