05 May 2008

Winter Bright Day

The end of March, and so not really qualified to be winter, but still. There is as much of winter in its endings as in its beginnings.


Anonymous said...

there are two things here i like especially -- the quality of the light, and the contrast between the dried leaves and the framing dark trunks.

Graydon said...

Thank you!

There are a bunch of whatever it is that has the dried leaves along that section of the path, and I've got a number of attempts at catching that quality of light on those leaves. This is, I think, the best result.

One of the things I keep trying to do -- and mostly failing at -- is to capture one of those moments where there's a sort of elvish quality to the light. I may eventually figure out how to do that, if not reliably, at least more often.

And yes, I know it can't possibly a be a stunted mallorn, but there is something evocative about the leaves.