17 May 2008

Going up and down in the world

Kingston and back today, so just getting this post up before midnight.
Parts of the trip may result in my hapless (and potentially theoretical...) readership being subjected to architectural photography, but for now, that prosaic thing, the puddle.


Anonymous said...

hey, i have haps!

i really like this puddle picture. i like how the colour is concentrated in the puddle, and how all lines lead to it. and the culmination of the cross.

Graydon said...

Positively lacustrine puddle, isn't it?

I was very pleased when I noticed the sign reflection, coming back from trying to photograph small yellow warblers in the swamp. (There seems to be a rule that train stations moved to the hinterlands of cities from down town must be moved to the vicinity of a swamp.)

Glad one of them turned out, and that you like it!