24 April 2008

Signs of Spring

Not that we really need them, specifically and locally, just at the moment, having had multiple shorts-weather days in the first half of April, but hey. Spring is narrow.
This is one of a number of feral daffodils in the carefully unmanaged plots of woodland on the way into the Zoo. Since the daffodil isn't a native plant, I am forced to postulate a secretive sect of ninja gardeners, out to beautify the public woodlands.
It's really hard to look dignified when you've got feathers stuck to your nose.


Anonymous said...

i'm down with the ninja gardener idea, but unfortunately daffodils naturalize very easily.

*grins at the undignified swan*.

Graydon said...

I rather figured there was a dull, boring explanation for the daffodils.

Oh well. No ancestral trowels layer-forged by secret masters of smith-craft.