27 April 2008

Flexible Moods

A creature of flexible moods, the blue jay; I believe these are all the same bird, and the four pictures were taken between 15:51:04 and 15:55:11 yesterday. (Thank you, exiftool.)
Here we have the dejected jay, all fluffed up and no place to go.
Correcting the unacceptable state of its feathers through complex preening maneuvers.
Experiencing doubt.
I believe the experience of doubt involved the clicking noise from the camera. Since corvids are pretty smart, and I don't imagine that it thought there was any risk to it involved, one can only conclude it thinks the shutter noise lacks aesthetic merit.
Here we have the iconic blue jay, and a 4.6 MiB PNG file, rather than a JPEG.


Anonymous said...

very, very nice. the commentary as well. :)

Graydon said...

Thank you!
It's amazing what fleeing a Disney movie into one's brother's back yard can turn up, in the way of photographic opportunity.
There's a good feeling to getting good pictures of any bird with retractor-feather colouring. (I'm not sure if it's actually more of a challenge in some absolute optical sense but it sure feels like it.)