09 April 2008

A brief attempt at narrative

It was that season of the year.The decidedly damp, thawing, muddy sort of season, with minimal actual greenery as yet, though the incipient greenery has clearly got to thinking about specifics.
This is Heather.
And this is Howie, before he elected to go for a roll and and decorate himself with all sorts of seasonally appropriate substances.
And this is Heather and Howie together. Note that no attempt is being made to ride outside, amongst the seasonally appropriate substances, most of which are slippery.
Which makes me think I might have done better to try taking these pictures out of the sunbeam from the barn door, but hey -- experimental highlights. Will be experimenting with filters next time.
And they do look like they are having fun.
I had fun too, though I may need some pitons in the photography learning cliff thing before too long.

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