13 April 2008

Backyard Avifauna

These were taken yesterday (Saturday), through a hard cold rain and a window screen. Some of them were attempted to be taken through a cat's head, when Aoife got bored with her window screen and wanted to know what the whirring noise was.[1]

So we have a launching house sparrow, dusted in maple pollen and rain:A dark-eyed junco, a bit shimmery with rain:
A red-breasted nuthatch, a most distrustful, flighty bird, so that while I lament that branch, this really is the best shot I've got of the kinetic little thing:
And an American Robin, somehow managing to convey no joy in spring whatsoever:
And a ground feeding mourning dove, one the concrete flagging under the balcony that has the bird feeder. I have some shots of doves looking epically bedraggled, perched in trees, but this seemed at least moderately more cheerful, to counteract the robin of sullen disdain.

[1] Auto-focus works on contrast; having a black cat ear intrude, at a range of contact with the objective lens, when the intended photographic subject is through a screen and fifteen or twenty feet of driving rain, really messes with auto-focus. To the point where one can listen to the lens whir and hunt for awhile before thinking to check for a cat.

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